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The Deacons’ Beacon

May 21, 2017

The Deacons held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Katie Miller shared a thoughtful spiritual lesson focused on the Lord’s Prayer.  As Katie prepares to graduate, the Board celebrated her three years as youth representative.  Katie has had great impact on the adults she touched during her time with the Deacons.  She will be missed! We are looking for our next youth Deacon. Please speak to Katie, Pastor Valeria or myself to learn more about what the responsibilities would be.

The Board voted to approved a projector system for the sanctuary as approved at Annual Meeting.  We are very appreciative to Larry Hemstreet for all of the time he put into the research.  The system will be installed in July.

The Board discussed the resignation of Graciela Kelly as part-time secretary.  Plans for office coverage are under discussion.  We are very appreciative of the months Graciela served us.

The Faith Formation Leader to support our Christian Education program was advertised and the resumes being reviewed.  Given the need for a slightly longer time frame than expected, the goal is to have someone in place for September at the latest.

The Deacons are looking for people to serve on a Stewardship Team.  The Team will support and organize the stewardship efforts, not only to meet budget needs, but to promote stewardship as outlined in the definition, “to take care of something”. Resource materials are available and the team will have support from office staff and Pastor Valeria. Please let us know if you are interested.
On Saturday, June 3, instead of a retreat, the Deacons will spend the morning cleaning out various storage spaces in the church. Any items that are either personal property or necessary for one of Trinity’s ministries, please label them clearly or remove them from the premises.
2017 Board of Deacons
Roland Allen
Peter Carlsen
Tom Danforth
Dave Gauthier
Donna Greska
June Hamilton
Laurie Hunter (Chair)
Katie Miller
Kathie Nichols
John Posluszny
Mary Robbins
Rev. Valeria Schmidt