Member Reviews

“I love Trinity because this is the church I grew up in. It’s my church.  It’s a beautiful building and centrally located.  I feel at home here.  It feels more like a community center where people come for meetings and feel welcome.” Adult Member

“I love Trinity Church because Trinity teaches about God in fun ways.” Youth Member

“The first time I walked into Trinity over 40 years ago, I got this wonderful feeling that this is what I was always looking for in a church and I have never lost that feeling.  It has always felt warm and welcome and when I leave I am ready to take on life in the week ahead.” Adult Member

“Trinity Church is a second home to our family, but Trinity is more than that.  Trinity Church was a large part of our children’s lives as they were growing into adults.  It is the place where we share in good times with our friends, and is the place where our family can find comfort and support in our daily lives.” Adult Member